Case Study - Sludge Encapulation

The Customer Challenge

Oldbury Magnox Power Station has a large tank which was full of Active Effluent Treatment Plant (AETP) sludge that needed to be removed, treated and disposed of so that operations could continue. The sludge had accumulated over 40 years and its properties varied widely throughout the tank. The project presented the customer with two main challenges:

to mix the sludge in the tank so that it could be reliably sampled and analysed, to confirm its suitability for disposal as LLW and to develop a robust treatment formulation

to encapsulate the mixed sludge retrieved from the tank in a way that minimised the volume of waste for disposal.

The Tradebe Inutec Solution

Tradebe Inutec pioneered:

• air-driven technology to homogenise the waste in the tank without adding to the volume of the waste

• a treatment formulation that gained LLWR approval for disposal

• a new mobile plant that dealt with the sludge at the customer’s site and increased efficiency and cut costs.

Tradebe Inutec developed a process of encapsulating the sludge in cement and pouring the encapsulated sludge to make full use of the capacity of the ISO container.

Tradebe Inutec worked as an integral part of the Oldbury project and our Team effort and pro-active approach was highly valued by the Client.

Value to Customers

The customer had fewer containers to send to LLWR. This and a reduction in processing time, from 12 weeks to five weeks, and shortening the overall project duration by four months, saved £800,000 for the UK taxpayer.

This project was therefore a 'win win' scenario for the Client as Tradebe Inutec significantly reduced production costs along with the volume of waste sent to LLWR.  

Tradebe Inutec’s plant is mobile and Inutec were able to remove the plant from the site when the work was completed.

There were no safety incidents and the Client was highly satisfied with the work.