Magnox Hinkley Encapsulation & Disposal

The Customer Challenge

A number of Magnox stations have Active Effluent Treatment Plant (AETP) sludges stored in a variety of tanks which require safe final treatment and disposal. These sludges have been expensive to manage, as they have had poor final volume utilisation of less than 40% within LLWR disposal ISOs. This often meant that these wastes were more likely to kept at site, where they used up valuable storage space.

The Tradebe Inutec Solution

20 Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) containing 11m³ of settled sludge from the HPA site were transported to Tradebe Inutec’s facilities, where the sludge was remobilised, retrieved and cemented cement to minimise the volume of waste for disposal. Innovative, industry-leading mixing, retrieval and direct pouring techniques were used by Tradebe Inutec’s experienced personnel within its Winfrith Nuclear Licensed Site to complete the project.

Value to Customers

By applying innovative mixing, retrieval and direct pouring techniques, Tradebe Inutec was able to help Hinkley Point A realise a significant increase in volume utilisation to more than 60% leading to a more cost-effective solution that was also better aligned to LLWR’s waste minimisation objectives.