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Tradebe Environmental Services

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A world leader in ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES since 1983. Propelling the circular economy and creating a more sustainable world

We manage all kinds of environmental liabilities in a sustainable manner. Creating new RAW MATERIALS AND ENERGY

We serve all industries. From petrochemicals, to aerospace and hospitals, with unparalleled SAFETY AND QUALITY standards      

  • Over 30 years of experience

  • We offer our services in Europe ( Spain, France, Italy and Germany) UK &  US

  • + 2.500 employees

  • +90 sites around the world

  • 12 acquisition's in the last 6 years

  •  +600M€  Turnover


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Our Goal 



To become the leading hazardous waste management company in all markets served. 
We provide flexible, innovative and technologically driven solutions for the processing and
recovery of hazardous and non hazardous waste.  

Our experienced team, combined with our advanced
technologies, gives us the ability to provide innovative treatment and recycling solutions.