Case Study - Desiccant Analysis

The Customer Challenge

The customer had a large number of drums containing spent desiccant. These drums were potentially contaminated with tritium to ILW levels, and had been mixed with used desiccant drums. In addition the tritium in the older drums containing used desiccant may have decayed to LLW levels.

The Tradebe Inutec Solution

Tradebe Inutec’s considerable experience in the design and operation of a variety of types of sampling equipment, working and taking samples at customers sites, technical experts and its facility to handle the samples enabled Tradebe Inutec to take samples from drums and characterise the drums as free-release, LLW or ILW.

Value to Customers

The customer valued the quality of the work, the report content and Tradebe Inutec’s ability to offer alternative solutions to their problem. The report’s conclusions enabled the customer to understand the desiccant waste stream and for them to make a decision as to the next stage of disposal.