Case Study - Waste Liabilities

The Customer Challenge

Akzo-Nobel (formerly ICI) owned a remote-handled alpha-active material that presented unique challenges because of its varied physical and chemical characteristics. The challenge was to develop and implement treatment strategies that eliminated the liability at least cost to the customer.

The Tradebe Inutec Solution

Tradebe Inutec provided a complete solution to managing alpha-active material. Work included initial consultancy on management options and characterisation of the material that led to the bulk of the material being returned to beneficial use. Tradebe Inutec developed treatment schemes for the residual material and designed, built, and operated a plant to process the waste for disposal.

Value to Customers

The customer chose Inutec because of its all-round capabilities that enable it to provide a complete solution to complex waste management challenges.

Tradebe Inutec provided consultancy advice and technology so that the client was able to dispose of the waste and reduce its liabilities by several £M.