Decontamination and Recycling of Complex Metallic Items

The Customer Challenge

Babcock’s 12 redundant flasks needed to be treated to meet regulatory requirements.  However, an on-site treatment solution was not an option due to potential interference with other operations: treatment offsite effectively de-risked the dockyard’s decommissioning programme.

There were concerns that transporting such large legacy waste items would be a barrier to offsite treatment as well as uncertainty about contamination issues that might emerge during the treatment and recycling process.  A specialist partner was needed to provide the project expertise and reassurance to Babcock and its stakeholders.

The Tradebe Inutec Solution

Careful planning, teamwork and close liaison with regulators enabled the flasks to be qualified for movement as IP2 packages.  A specialist loading frame was constructed for transport.  Project-specific safety procedures were generated for loading/unloading, resin removal, transfer, storage and return.

Once at Winfrith, the experienced Tradebe Inutec team completely dismantled the flasks and the carbon steel body and lid were decontaminated.  The inner tank and flask body components were melted/recycled at our partner facilities in in the UK and Germany.

Value to Customers

The 100% treatment and recycling solution provided by Tradebe Inutec was important to Babcock in demonstrating best practice to its regulator.

The flexible approach taken by Tradebe Inutec in overcoming problems gave Babcock considerable peace of mind that this complex inventory would be professionally and completely handled without any waste being returned.  
The offsite treatment solution chosen by Babcock enabled the project to be completed more effectively and without interfering with Devonport operations.