Today we are the leaders in Europe in the management of industrial waste, with a strong presence in the United States where we continue to work towards becoming one of the top three companies in the market.

As a result of the experience gained through the refinery business in Spain, we began to take the first steps towards internationalization, with an initial attempt to enter the Argentinian market in 1993 and subsequent markets such as Venezuela and Mexico, in 1999.  None of these experiences were successful, due to the fact they were state-owned companies with very difficult contracts and non-existent environmental regulation.

Several years later, we focused on internationalization again. This time, we targeted more viable markets in mature and developed countries. During 2002, we gained access to the US market via Recovery & Recycling Solutions, in Houston, TX. Among the first negotiations in the US, was a contract with Connoco Philips.  In 2003, we entered the UK market through the acquisition of Willacy Oil Services, specializing in the treatment of refinery sludge. At the time, Willacy was a global service provider; today, a global industry leader in tank cleaning services and the treatment of the resulting waste.



  • 1984 | Acquisition of Fragsa, which since 1975 had been working in the management and recycling of out-of-service vehicles using processes for the fragmentation and separation of metals.
  • 1989 | Ecoimsa obtains authorization for the collection of hydrocarbon waste from ships (Marpol).
  • 1990 | Acquisition of Fragnor, a fragmentation plant located in Amorebieta (Vizcaya) 
  • 1992 | Acquisition of Lunagua with the goal of se ing up an industrial waste treatment plant 
  • 1997 | Creation of Intraval to develop new lines of business in consultancy, engineering and treatment of urban solid waste. 
  • 1998 | Construction and development of a composting plant in Jorba (Barcelona).
  • 2002 | Acquisition of Ecología Química (EQ) located in Gualba (Barcelona) specializing in the recycling of solvents from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • 2002 | Entry to US | Establishment of Recovery & Recycling Solutions (RRS) located in Houston, TX, the “center” of the world’s oil industry.
  • 2003 | Entry to United Kingdom | Purchase of Willacy Oil Services (WOS), founded in 1989, providing an extensive range of equipment and services for the treatment of refi nery sludge.
  • 2003 | Purchase of Tecnoambiente, a pioneering consultancy company in Spain for the provision of comprehensive environmental services.
  • 2004 | Acquisition of Linersa, consolidating the group’s presence in the Basque Country.
  • 2004 | Initiation of Soil Remediation activities.
  • 2006/7 | Strengthening of Tradebe presence in the UK through the acquisition of AWS in Dinnington and the subsidiaries of United Utilities in Ellesmere Port and Gwent.
  • 2008 | Significantly increased presence in the US with the acquisition of PSI (New Orleans) and PCI (Chicago).
  • 2009 | Acquisition of Tradebe Fawley, one of only two industrial waste incineration plants in the United Kingdom.
  • 2010 | Acquisition in the United Kingdom of the company Britcare Ltd, through which Tradebe provides clinical waste collection and treatment services.
  • 2011 | Acquisition of Solvent Resource Management (SRM), leader in the preparation and supply of alternative fuels for the cement industry in the United Kingdom and European leader in solvent recycling, together with its subsidiary MRM, a specialist in the recycling and processing of mineral waste from raw materials for subsequent use in the cement industry. SRM and MRM have seven operating sites.
  • 2011 | Acquisition of United Industrial Services (UIS). This is an environmental services company which has been managing the largest regional network of treatment centers in the northeastern United States since 1976. It manages five treatment facilities.
  • 2011 | Facility openings in Spain: Tradebe Vallbona (metal recycling plant) and Tradebe Valdilecha (waste landfi ll).
  • 2012 | Acquisition of Ecowaste, located in Avonmouth (Bristol), a company which provides services for the collection of clinical waste in the southwest of England.
  • 2013 | Inauguration of Tradebe Port Services, first hydrocarbon storage terminal, located in the Port of Barcelona.
  • 2013 | Entry to Brazil | First contract obtained with the company Intercement for the development and supply of waste-derived fuel.
  • 2013 | Creation of Tradebe Healthcare Holdings Ltd through a joint venture with Sita UK for the management of clinical waste in the United Kingdom.
  • 2013 | Acquisition of leader in low radioactive waste management in the UK (Inutec).
  • 2014 | Acquisition of leading distributors of packaged solvents – Solvents with Safety (SWS) – and leading provider of specialist environmental process and disposal services to the oil and gas industry – Scotoil – in the UK.
  • 2015 | Entry to Oman | In November 2015, Tradebe signed an important five-year contract with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
  • 2017 | Acquisition of FREG (First Response Environmental Group)
  • 2017 | Acquisition of Badger Disposal (Tradebe Treatment and Recycling of Wisconsin, LLC)
  • 2018 | Acquisition of Labwaste in the UK 
  • 2018 | Tradebe acquires Avanti Environmental Group from Stericycle Inc 
  • 2018 | Tradebe acquires assets of COMSA Environment
  • 2019 | Tradebe acquires Aaron Oil Company in the USA. 
  • 2020 | Tradebe expands its presence in the Port of Barcelona. Port Authority of Barcelona has granted a concession for the construction and operation of a new plant  in the Port of Barcelona.
  • 2020 | Tradebe Port Services (Tradebe Storage Terminal business) strengthens their presence in Germany through the acquisition of TWG Tanklager Wilhelmsburg GmbH (TWG)
  • 2022 | Tradebe acquires a physicochemical treatment plant in Adro (Brescia, Italy)
  • 2022 | Tradebe Chemicals acquires Cosmos Aromática Internacional
  • 2022 | Tradebe acquires Clinical Nutrition