Handing Over to the Next Generation at Tradebe

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Handing Over to the Next Generation at Tradebe

Victor Creixell will take up the position of Tradebe Environmental ServicesGlobal CEO as of July 2017

Victor Creixell, Executive Director, Tradebe USA (US CEO), will become the company’s new  Tradebe Environmental Services Global CEO  as of July 2017. Josep Creixell, the current president who founded Tradebe in 1983 and who has led the company since that date, will move on to setting up and leading the Board of Directors.

After more than seven years at Tradebe, Victor Creixell will take up the position as the Tradebe Environmental Services Global CEO, as of July 2017. The last three years has seen Victor lead the business as CEO in the United States He has had previous involvement in the businesses based in Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as in the construction of the terminal at the Port of Barcelona.

“I am very much looking forward to taking up this challenge. The company is growing at the moment, there are excellent projects underway and we also have a very cohesive team that is well prepared to take us through to a successful future”.

After 34 years running the company, Josep Creixell states that: “As shareholders, we feel that the current position of the company is an ideal time for me to hand over the role and responsibility of Global CEO to Victor Creixell”. “It is also a good point at which to strictly separate duties in a clear and orderly fashion in relation to management (Management Team) from those associated with the governing bodies (Shareholders). To that end, I will from now on dedicate myself to and concentrate my efforts on developing the duties of President of the company’s Board of Directors.”

Our values, strategy and objectives will remain the same as those that have helped Tradebe to succeed to date. As far as the company’s strategic approach is concerned, our main objectives will be to grow in a sustainable manner with a prudent level of debt, and to concentrate on mature and regulated markets, i.e. North America, Europe and the Middle East. 

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