Tradebe Inutec Wins Major Contract to Treat Nuclear Waste at Specialist Winfrith Facility

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Marlow, 24th September: Tradebe Inutec has secured a contract to work in strategic partnership with Wood Group on a major project at Magnox’s Dungeness A site in Kent.
The project is to retrieve, process and dispose of approximately 50m3 of complex radioactive wet waste (BWW) from vaults at Dungeness.
Technology designed by Wood Group will be used to retrieve the waste, which will be transported to the Tradebe Inutec, Winfrith Nuclear Site in Dorset for treatment in its facilities.
Retrieval is due to begin before the end of 2019 and the waste will be transported to Tradebe Winfrith for processing. Disposal and encapsulation will take approximately six months and be completed by the end of 2020.
Magnox approached the market with a functional specification to encourage supply chain innovation. In response, Wood Group and Tradebe Inutec were able to demonstrate the benefits of treating the waste at the specialist Winfrith facility, rather than on site at Dungeness.
Tradebe Inutec will use its unique expertise, facilities and experienced team to deliver a number of key benefits for Magnox that will reduce risk and save time and cost.  First, by employing industry-leading co-packaging of Dungeness BWW with other wastes, the volume utilisation in disposal containers will be significantly increased.  This will generate significant cost savings, while also minimising waste disposal volumes being sent to the Low-Level Waste Repository.
Second, it will also be a shorter programme. By removing the waste from the Dungeness site early, offering an option of taking title, ownership and any associated risk and liability, Tradebe Inutec will help the site to accelerate its project programme allowing Magnox to focus on other strategic projects.
Brian Mulholland at Tradebe Inutec, said: “By working together closely, Wood Group and Tradebe Inutec are able to bring complementary skills to form an integrated team ready to deliver a safe and cost-effective solution to this complex project. This represents a significant critical path milestone for the Dungeness site on its journey towards care and maintenance.
“The success of this project will support Magnox in considering how best to treat other similar wastes at several of its decommissioning sites.
“Wood Group and Tradebe Inutec intend on developing their strategic partnership to identify and provide solutions to complex waste projects across the nuclear sector, where more cost-effective and innovative alternatives to traditional on-site projects are needed.”
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Tradebe Inutec
Tradebe Inutec is a subsidiary of Tradebe, an international leader in waste reclamation and recycling solutions.
In the UK, Tradebe manages and operates 22 hazardous waste management sites including five COMAH sites.
Tradebe Inutec has been providing solutions for the treatment of radioactive waste for over 30 years. Its site at Winfrith, Dorset, provides access to the widest range of Low-Level Waste (LLW) and Borderline Waste treatment services in the industry. Tradebe Inutec has a proven safety track record and is a holder of two consecutive RoSPA Order of Distinctions.
Tradebe is a leading, global company in the environmental sector serving various markets including industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, etc. We offer our services in Europe (UK, Spain and France and Germany), the US and the Middle East. Tradebe employs around 2,500 people worldwide and operates close to 85 facilities across Spain (31), United Kingdom (22), United States (28), France (2), the Middle East, Oman (1) and Germany (1).
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