Tradebe Inutec’s First Local Stakeholder Meeting

Tradebe UK

Photo Right to Left: Brian Mulholland (Incineration & Radioactives Director), Sandra Ellis (Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group) & Denise Cardenas (Tradebe Inutec SSHEQ Director)


Tradebe Inutec held its first Local Stakeholder Meeting this month which focused on the progress the site has made since becoming a nuclear site licensee in February 2019 and the future plans of the site.

The meeting, which was attended by members of the Winfrith Site Stakeholders Group and others from the local community, heard presentations delivered by the regulatory bodies; the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency, as well as Tradebe's Incineration & Radioactives Director; Brian Mulholland and Tradebe Inutec’s SSHEQ Director; Denise Cardenas. The regulators were on hand to answer questions from the stakeholder group.

Denise Cardenas, Tradebe Inutec SSHEQ Director said “We were delighted to have held our first Local Stakeholder Event.  We value the opportunity to get feedback from our local stakeholders and are pleased to be supporting the community through a range of local activities”.

Tradebe Inutec will continue to engage with local stakeholders about future developments on its Winfrith site and we will be planning our next event for early 2020.

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