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At Tradebe the development of our team is one of the pillars we base our business model on. We are commited to the recruitment, development and retention of talent. 

We have defined what we consider to be talent by building on our Mission, Culture and Values and further defi ne it around five basic competencies:

  • Orientation towards results
  •  Agility in decision-making
  • Adapting to change
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Clear client-focus

Our personnel management model aims to recruit people who have the five basic competencies mentioned above. Personnel management is one of the pillars we base our business model on.

The management and development of teams is a key part of achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

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The management of the professional careers of our employees stands out as a cornerstone of our model. We take the time and effort to provide development opportunities, both from an educational and professional point of view. Training is one of our main concerns and therefore we invest a great deal of resources.

In addition, communication is one of the issues we work on most, to keep the workforce motivated and prepared to tackle the challenges our business faces.