Supercompaction Services

Tradebe Inutec own and operate the only commercial radioactive waste supercompaction facility in the United Kingdom.

Our process significantly reduces disposal costs by maximising the number of drums that can be deposited in a single disposal container prior to consignment to the LLWR.  We also complete the entire suite of Repository documentation on your behalf.

As well as the 125,000 drums of conventional supercompactable waste treated by Tradebe Inutec, supercompaction is increasingly being used as an integrated treatment solution in more complex waste projects.  Examples include supercompacted pucks being used as co-packaging material, with disposal volumes further maximised by pouring active grout into voidages, or pucks being loaded to fill part-dismantled ILW pond skips.

For more information on our Supercompaction services contact:

Tim Dowling
+44 (0) 7760 101 616