Metallic Waste Services

Tradebe supply Radioactive Metallic Waste Treatment Services into the UK and Overseas market places.

Our Nuclear Licensed Facilities in Winfrith provide safe, compliant and economic solutions for accepting treating and ultimately disposing of contaminated and activated metallic wastes.

Our facilities and Suitably Qualified Personnel have the capability and capacity to handle anything from small components through to extremely large component units weighing more than 50 Tonne’s each.

Importantly we have the permitted capacity to accept and store metallic waste allowing us to provide a cradle to grave cost effective and compliant solution which meets the criteria associated with the UK radioactive waste disposal hierarchy.

We also complete the entire suite of Repository documentation on your behalf We are experienced in the arrangement of Trans Frontier Shipment arrangements and have several in place which we can utilise on behalf of our customer base. Typically, this includes the full management cycle of secondary waste.

For more information on our Metallic Waste Services contact:

David Ferguson
+44 (0) 7968 707069